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Tab Mix Plus

Tab Mix Plus: "orum Now Available
Tab Mix Plus v0.2.4 ( ) -Whats New!

* Mac Compatibility
* Disable Target Links for Downloads functionality
* Focus of Search bar can be controled independently now
* New tab can be loaded in the background
* Tab rotation (slideshow) functionality [F8]
* Progress meter on statusbar can be hidden
* Duplicate in New Window added
* Ability to lock and protect a tab [Freeze]
* Middle click focus can be controlled
* F9 will toggle closing and focusing tabs to the right and last selected tab
* Improvements on undoclosetab

o All tabs can be restored
o Context menu added to toolbar item
o Entries can be deleted by middle clicking on them
o Close tabs can be restored in new tabs/windows/current tab and bookmarked

* All tab menu items can be controlled
* Reload Left/Right/Other tabs function
* More tab clicking options
* Various fixes on link handling
* Improvements on the options dialog
* Other bug fixes"

This is some exelent work, I would like to thank the developers of tabed browser extesion, tabed browser preferences, floating tabs, bookmark to tab, session saver, mini tab, and all other extension this one will replace.

Thanks guys and girls we never met but you've helped me a lot :)


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