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Huh, Whaat?

"What is this page?" would be the first thing I would ask, let me answer that before you think it. I see both firefox and Google trying to build a name for them selfs by supplying us with great gifts. I can see Google has it's marketing know how with all the limitations the full picture brings(like don't make enemy's). I can see firefox has development resources that scare the living daylight out of some software company's. What I don't see is a big google collective of developing volunteers like Mozilla has. And I don't see the firefox teams do marketing of the style and class Google has.

I personally would love to take part in open source development but hardly anyone can make sense of my picture. I should do my own project like others do. The drill is simple: "Beside the Firefox extensions I find useful myself I will gather Google related firefox tools, put it all in 1 installer and write damn good tutorials, so good that even you will understand 'em. But I'm not that smart a man so I designed a smart feedback form were you can do my thinking for me.

Download Google related firefox tools

Folow user guide

help me developing the products



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