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We have all visited http://googlefox.blogspot.com so I will asume you do have the look ahead tool. Now, configure mouse gesture down-up to "open current page in new window"

Lern how to configure this mouse gesture >>

Make it so that you can middle click a folder named "login" on your toolbar to have all login pages you could login to open in sepearate tabs.

Pick the most interesting subject for this moment. Browse around the forums untill you find a interesting topic by your chosen subject.

Make the gesture so that you have a new window.

Click the links in the topic and/or do a look ahead. Right click a word to lookup or a line to google for.

Create 20-30 tabs about the topic. Read 1 or 2 and glance at the rest, QUICKLY close the pages that look wrong or don't have any info. 2-5 sec should be enough to see if the page was really worked at or not.

View the first tab you opened in the window, click bookmark this, chech the checkbox "bookmark in folder" rename the folder by subject and the topic if the description of the first tab does not fit.

If you have 6 or 7 folders like that you use the bookmarkmanager to create some order in the links and divide them over at least 3 sub folders.

All the links should end up in maximum 6 subject folders.

Bookmarks > 6 subjects > 50 links per subject

You have time to read as the 50 links load in tabs on middleclick.

End of tutorial.

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