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Google Talk

Google Talk: "They say talk is cheap. Google thinks it should be free. Google Talk enables you to call or send instant messages to your friends for free–anytime, anywhere in the world. Google Talk offers you:

* Choice: Get in touch how and when you want to–over email, IM or a call

* Quality: Talk through your computer but hear your friends as if they were in the same room

* Convenience: Your Gmail contacts are pre-loaded into Google Talk so inviting or talking to your friends is just a click away

Google Talk is in beta and requires a Gmail username and password."

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Google Desktop Download

Google Desktop Download: "
# Get all your personalized info in one place with Sidebar
# Launch applications and search instantly with Quick Find
# Find all your email, files, photos, web history, Gmail, and more
# Search conveniently in Outlook with the Outlook Toolbar
# Developers: Write plug-ins for Sidebar

About Screenshots Reviews Plug-ins Enterprise Edition Help"

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Thanks for the collection! I'm glad *someone* had the initiative to enummerate the Google-related extensions and provide such a good synopsis...

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I can't believe they snubbed the WebDeveloper extension, which is #1 in my opinion! Man, I used to respect that magazine.
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