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Mozilla Firefox 1.0.2 Released - MozillaZine Talkback

Mozilla Firefox 1.0.2 Released - MozillaZine Talkback: "Discontinuing Win32 ZIP builds? What a *bad* idea!

What happens with people like we the network administrators who use the ZIP to create our own installer and deploy Firefox and Thunderbird to hundreds of users at once?

Neither the Firefox or the Thunderbird Win32 installer provide an unattended installation method, and that is a *big* fault for Firefox to spread. We simply cannot afford to go to every and each computer to install Firefox.

Please, do not stop Win32 ZIP builds until you provide a proper unattended installer. The current one does not work unattended, and discontinuing Win32 ZIP builds means the Mozilla Foundation is shooting itself in the foot."

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gemal.dk - Google Browser

gemal.dk - Google Browser: "A lot of people are blogging about it and it could be really really cool!"

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Gbrowser.com Sign Of Google Browser To Come?

Gbrowser.com Sign Of Google Browser To Come?: "Does Gbrowser.com, registered by Google back in April, show further signs of a browser from Google to come? Jason Kottke has details: More evidence of a Google browser. Thanks to Google Blogoscope for spotting the post."

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Google Desktop Search

Google Desktop Search: "Google has released their Google Desktop Search (beta) application. [from Slashdot]
Good introduction doc.

Is it me or does it seem like Google is doing everything right lately? With each new feature/app its becoming more and more obvious why they are quickly becoming an enormous heavy hitter (and threat to Microsoft) - Gmail, GBrowser (maybe, hopefully), Picasa .

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SFSignal: Omnibus Google?

SFSignal: Omnibus Google?: "Omnibus Google?

Reading through my USA Today at a hotel in Boston, I noticed an article on Google. The article discusses how they have added support for searching books (publishers will send them a book, they'll scan in the specified pages and make them searchable online) at print.google.com."

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A Fistful of Euros: Google Book Search

A Fistful of Euros: Google Book Search: "Google, beset by a growing number of competitors in the internet search business, will shortly unveil a number of new features to its own search engine, according to one of the company’s directors.

It has also started testing a service that lets users read book excerpts online, echoing the popular “Search Inside the Book” service created by Amazon.com.

The book excerpt service, called Google Print, aims to give users links to relevant books among the other search results they receive. Clicking on the link will then lead to the book excerpt, where users can read two pages forward or back from the relevant page and also click on another link to an online store to buy the book.
Source: Financial Times"

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Trying to keep up with all the new / redesigned search engines...

Trying to keep up with all the new / redesigned search engines...: "Trying to keep up with all the new / redesigned search engines...

While it seems like Google's been developing everything but search, everyone else has been cranking out new (or new looking) search engines:

Yahoo: http://mysearch.yahoo.com/
MSN: http://search.msn.com/
Ask Jeeves: www.ask.com

Amazon: http://www.a9.com/
Clusty[1]: http://clusty.com/

[Update] Google is doing something new that's search related. Their answer to Amazon's a9 search is to steal a page from Amazon's book. They're adding a book feature.

And I missed Google's Personalized Search Feature: http://labs.google.com/personalized

Not sure if there's a lot of point to this, but I guess it's good to have some competition innovation in the search engine space. Most of these sites have gone with a Google look and just added a slight tweak.

[1]Who were the ad wizards who named Clusty? Sounds like a Japanese Gum brand."

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Geek Notes 2004-10-05

Geek Notes 2004-10-05: "I don't really understand what they would have to gain, but then it is open-source so why the hell not? [via Boing Boing]"

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Bamsaemi Blog: Gbrowser, the new Goggle's web browser ?

Bamsaemi Blog: Gbrowser, the new Goggle's web browser ?20040930_googlefox.gif

최근 google에서 야심차게(?) 준비중인 것으로 여겨지는 gbrowser에 대해서 말들이 많은가 봅니다.

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Marketing Playbook: Gbrowser: dragrace on every front?

Marketing Playbook: Gbrowser: dragrace on every front?: "Gbrowser: dragrace on every front?

More evidence of a Google browser (kottke.org) Not announced, but if this is true, it's an interesting potential play for Google vs. Microsoft. Not too much has happened with the browser for some time and it seems to be more and more linked to Longhorn's fate, wonder if/how Google will try to exploit this potential product gap?"

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Google Browser or Google OS?

Google Browser or Google OS?: "As Microsoft tried to integrate the browser into the OS, with questionable benefits, Google is probably trying to integrate the OS into the browser."

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arje.net: "Browsers of our lives

The browser soap opera got quite more interesting. Google is apparently building a browser based on Mozilla. This might well have the effect on getting rid of the inscrutable IE, which has become a similar technical burden Netscape 4 was.

The best statistics available to me, first-hand, are from homokaasu.org and according to them, during the last year, usage of IE has diminished from 82.6% (Oct 2003) to 64.1% (Sep 2004, days 1-20). These figures are based on 2,7 million visits from 1,9 million unique visitors so there must be statistical significance. The logs have been analyzed with software par excellent, Awstats.

However, one must consider a few things when pondering this data."

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My mental mirror: Google creates a browser?

My mental mirror: Google creates a browser?: "Google creates a browser?

Jason Kottke writes there's more evidence of a Google browser. Jason, thanks for the update :-)

Besides the evidence he mentions it also makes sense. There have been rumors about Google making a desktop application to search your files on your own computer. What kind of application would fit better than a browser?

While doing some research on said rumors I found the article I wanted to write on Search Engine Journal. It's a well written (lengthy) post worth a read. Sushubh Mittal, you beat me fair and square."

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WilliamsWeekly.com: A Google Browser?

WilliamsWeekly.com: A Google Browser?: "A Google Browser?
Google registered the GBrowser.com domain name recently. There are other indicators Google might be developing a web browser, as reported by to kottke.org. Great news for the people managing and producing websites. This, combined with the success of Firefox will further spark the flame for browser innovation."

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) ) cholly.com ( (

) ) cholly.com ( (: "Google is developing their own browser. Sounds very attractive: not only will full integration with their current services motivate widespread adoption, but Google is the hippest name in the business. I want mine."

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digital retrograde:

digital retrograde:: "First the gmail notifier, now this. Microsoft is dooooooomed."

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eliot » Bow to our new masters!

eliot » Bow to our new masters!: "Microsoft couldn’t do it, but just maybe Google can Today, Kottke posted confirmation that Google has added another piece to the puzzle that is GooOS: the Google browser.

Here’s to hoping Google can make a platform-independent operating system that is actually usable. Google Search and Gmail proves they know how to think differently to obliterate all competition, so bring it on! I welcome our new technology masters with open arms. I think they can treat us better than the previous masters.

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the leftorium.com: google browser in preproduction

the leftorium.com: google browser in preproduction: "google browser in preproduction

Updated yet again: Well, it seems official that Google is not interested in building a browser. (via Kottke)"

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gemal.dk - Google Browser

gemal.dk - Google Browser: "Could there be a Google browser on the way? Some evidence is found.

A lot of people are blogging about it and it could be really really cool! And I even predicted it in April this year."

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Notes from Classy's Kitchen

Notes from Classy's Kitchen: "Platform wars continued

Kottke speculates on the possibility of Google building a more deeply google-integrated Mozilla.
Amazon has A9, Microsoft is building up MSN as the brand for this kind of server integrated utilities, Yahoo is building who knows what.
Lots of guesses going around."

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A California Beginning

A California Beginning: "GBrowser in the works?

It appears [kottke.org] that Google is looking into making their own browser. Evidence abounds about them hiring browser specific people, and even registering gbrowser.com.

Google is already so much a part of my online life. If they make a browser, I'll be opening Gbrowser to search Google web, looking at news at Google news, and checking my email at Gmail. That's enough integration into my daily web habits to scare me. Who knows if the corporate giant will be altruistic in the future. I say we need to spread out the technology among several entities. One thing I do like is the emphasis on more useful Java, Flash, and other dynamic based applications on the web (ahem.. Flickr, Gmail).

Whatever the case, Google's stock will be on the rise."

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bestkungfu weblog » if (gBrowser) { var google = new Platform(); }

bestkungfu weblog » if (gBrowser) { var google = new Platform(); }: "They could all benefit by having icons on the desktop. If Google is developing a browser, as has been suggested, this is why. It’s a vehicle for a client UI for their email system, which could be offloaded substantially if they could trust the client to work properly; for an integrated blogging tool (if not a news aggregator); and maybe a way to integrate social networking."

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Lalitree ~Links: September 2004 Archives

Lalitree ~Links: September 2004 Archives: "More evidence of a Google browser Great, but: '...Google is hiring folks formerly of Microsoft's IE team...'? Gah! No!
September 16, 2004"

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Blogzilla - a weblog about Mozilla: Google Browser?

Blogzilla - a weblog about Mozilla: Google Browser?: "NY Post (they're never wrong!) is speculating that Google will launch a web browser based on the fact that they've hired a half-dozen key hires in recent weeks.

GBrowser sounds like a pretty lame name. Maybe it will like this.

Maybe it will be Mozilla based. There's even Bug 226572 - Google branded Mozilla browser with the last comment saying:

This is a duplicate of a private bug about working with Google. So closing this one.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 213362 ***

If not Mozilla can always see how they market 'GBrowser' to non-geeks and copy that."

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Anil Dash: Fact checking our own asses

Anil Dash: Fact checking our own asses: "How come Slashdot talks about Google launching a browser when the New York Post writes about it when the Post story itself quotes Jason himself? For all their fuck-the-man open-sourceness, Slashdotters have always struck me as an oddly conservative bunch."

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TechMount � Blog Archive � Browser news

TechMount � Blog Archive � Browser newsWhen Firefox final release came out with a big bang things started to move in the sleepy browser market. Now there is great anticipation to whats about to happen next. Here’s four shaping events from the last few days…

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Google Results

This is not that what you think it is......

Google Results

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Google Hacks

Google Hacks

Without doubt, Google is the most useful website on the Internet. This is scary, considering that Google is a company and that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It would be far preferable if some kind of open source search engine solution could be come up with."

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Fierfox ownz wiht horibla UI

pfff this is so funny, I work around things really well but some things are just more working against me as for me. hahaha I want to make(and develop) a log in folder so that middle click logs me into various things in separate tabs. I open the pages and add that to bookmarks in tabs with the check box, that works just fine. But then I want to sort the tabs/bookmarks O_O so I open the bookmark manager to sort them by name or url, but are not allowed to sort em by hand O_O I have to add the folder to my bookmarks tool bar (I found out by accident because I wanted this folder there) because there I can use drag and drop to sort them in the order I want em without the bookmark manager taking over and putting it back on ABC.

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Googlebrowser not a net portal?

FT.com / Media & internet / Google - Google rules out becoming net portal: "Google has ruled on the “browser wars” with Microsoft, according to Eric Schmidt, chief executive.

.....a move that would take it into more direct competition with Microsoft and Yahoo."

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Google is doing something browserwise

More about the Google branded browser from www.lindqvist.com

"Aunt Effie aside, Google is doing something browserwise, but it might just be making sure they can incorporate Google's services tight into Microsoft's proprietary browser, just as other browsers, growing fast in popularity, like FireFox, Safari, Camino and such."

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COUNT DOWN THE O’S IN GOOGLE Population Statistic

"Who didn't notice the number of “o's in Gooooooogle’s AdSense?

The steadily-decreasing number of donuts in that “Ads by Goooooogle” is a sign. A countdown, if you will, to the much-rumored Google browser offering.

Read all about it here:
COUNT DOWN THE O’S IN GOOGLE Population Statistic

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What is Firefox?

Firefox is a web browser, it allows you to view websites in the same way you do with Internet explorer. Internet explorer has a lot of addons, but if you install 2 or 3 you see the performance go down drastically. Websites take longer to load making the tools useless. Firefox offers a even larger number of addons (called extensions), this will allow you to customize Firefox for the things YOU do on the web.

Because some of the developers (like me) have supreme knowledge of how to use the Internet, tools are available you just can't imagine the usefulness of by reading this, I know I am a great writer but you will have to stop expecting the impossible because..... [read more]....

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Thanks for the collection! I'm glad *someone* had the initiative to enummerate the Google-related extensions and provide such a good synopsis...

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I can't believe they snubbed the WebDeveloper extension, which is #1 in my opinion! Man, I used to respect that magazine.
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